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Annija Gaskell – degenerative myopia

Beautiful beryl, azure gifts from Poseidon,

Longingly looking in the other direction.

Wishing wanting those gems to ponder,

Gazingly grinning on my reflection.

Clear cerulean seas of serenity,

Gingerly glistening a love song melody

Harmonious hegemony over my soul

Endlessly engulfing in fiery rhapsody.

Stormy seas refusing safe passage,

Thunderously thrashing love’s timid advances.

Rejected ridicule deluging paradise,

Decidedly drowning Eros’ unrequited dances.

Scathing sapphire swells of contempt,

Daunghtingly displaying monstrous revolting pupils.

Grotesque greedy vacuous crypt,

Luridly loathing circumstance scruples.