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Batliner Curime – Extensions // 2.0

Rattling, beeping, creaking, rustling noise of overlaying, interfering frequencies .. go go! The gate is open. “Zeros” dash through a maze of connections, and classes, in the search for the correct receptor. “Ones” on the hunt, an interplay of combinatorics. To the top, to the bottom, from the front to the back, they sort information in prospect for the match. Points get connected to lines, combined to form surfaces, building volumes emerging to objects, results of a higher logic, extensions of the human brain. Written down in numbers, thought in combinations, the elements “zero” and “one” transform to something that goes beyond.

By magical hand, emerging out of fantasies following rules of physics and mathematics, it forms a short clanking sound. Once just an idea, written scratched, programmed, it has found the connection, its partners ready for exchange.

Silently including the history of human evolution two simple numbers “one” and “zero” dance a choreography, forming a mystical matrix, which translates directly into our ears. Filling us with vibrations from within, it forces us to think … online!

Light fills the scene, touches our eyes. What formerly just was a shadow in our imaginations, codified, recorded, draws its figures into the room. Lines annex to surfaces, surfaces shape volumes, volumes evolve to objects. At first only abstractions, they dominate with their presence. Stone, flat, hard, cold contains the dust, penetrates our skin, sets the mood, shapes our mind.

Reflections and brightness raise the attention, divide the visible, laminate the silence A buzz cuts the picture. In the foreground, leaderless movement strokes the eye, but for the patient it unfolds what is behind — “ones” and “zeros” playing their game – choreography coy, playful, jokingly, precise.

Hundreds, even thousands in number, squeezed and aligned. An array of instances marching towards light and heat. Once released, under heat and pressure they form in small droplets. Pressed on steel, they draw paths, sketches of a diabolic plan.  Burning smell fills the space, clouds form themselves, harbingers of a new future.  What was once a part of a whole is now a serving, an ingredient of an organic formula, mixed in our minds, thought in our extensions, executed according a higher logic.