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Daniel Alajajian – Office Romance

I could feel it creeping in. The edge was coming closer. The pricking from the first few seconds of entry was nothing to be feared. I had done this a thousand times. It was my duty, as a part of this network. It was my task to deliver. It’s hard to remember that this is just a job, but I know that I do not want to disappoint. A happy client always comes back. Ultimately when the responsibility is on my shoulders I feel the need to create the best product, but I know I’ve never accomplished this alone. With only a limited supply of ink, I know I will have to push out every last drop. Black. Red. Yellow. Blue. These are the colors I bleed as I’m wounded by work. Granted, the feeling of my parts pressing against the white, porous, textured surface is absolutely thrilling. Thin pins clinging on to the surface as it keeps pushing through. Penetrating my cartridge, I can only resist for so long before my ink starts to flow. Every page comes through naked but i paint it with my liquid. The colored concoction. They end up wearing my ink as a badge. Delirium and exhaustion come over me as I heave short quick breathes, both of our bodies working against each other back and forth. I let it push further in knowing that as it’s the only form of release. Although I’ll forget once it’s over, I know that this is the most intimate form of contact I’ll be able to accomplish. Regretfully I have to let it slide out once the climax is behind us and our work together is done. Although I won’t miss it when its gone, I know the sensation of our touch will linger.

I rarely see it as a transaction but once I allow them to touch me, its only part of  my nature to reciprocate. All though the experience is short lived … they will always bear my mark. This part of the process excites me most. Although it slides through quickly with its thin and agile body, every time it happens, our relationship is reaffirmed. We both know how much we need each other. The creation of a perfect image is expected and fulfilled every time, but it becomes harder and harder to bring back the same passion to every page. Every cartridge is a new relationship and every page a new encounter. It’s true the mystery of each experience is still there. The characters are sometimes similar and the results are expected but the rhythm and motion are always the most pleasurable part. I enjoy the buildup, the tension of running back and forth.