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Erin Lani – Force This Evolution

The ground quakes and quivers as it gains on the panicking prey. Below the surface, the resonating tempo of an animal running, paws furiously beating the ground, obviously hindered by a lame limb. They salivate: An amalgamate swarm of indigenous moles and manipulated DNA.

Hardened mud bursts like a new stream swallowing territory in a used and forgotten landscape. This subterranean topography populated has been turned and wasted by the ravenous experiment. The animal’s skin absorbs and digests the soil it swims in, the rocks it no longer circumvents, and the roots that scent their world sweeter than sugar which have disappeared in its relentless hunger. Everything is theirs and this animal is no different – the delight of the hunt runs fluid through its body – extremities squeeze viscid mucus from sebaceous and sudoriferous glands moisturizing thousands of mouths on every facial node in motion – mouths leading to absorbent membranes digest life and vomit death.

Mucus projects from the first facial glands above the surface, the searing pain of sunlight on its skin restricts glands and orchestrates the first movement in a perfect symphony of torturous death. Every drop landing on the hind legs of the frightened animal provokes primitive cries of agony. Skin exposed from below its protective fur, bright red and steaming in the wind as mucus spreads, burrowing into exercising muscles exposing the bone to chilled air. Marrow seeps from the quickly aerated bone, flying from hysterical limbs wetting its many lips with the taste of basic life, an amusing tease for the ferocious beast.

A cry is heard and a loud bang succeeded by three more, rings out. The beast quivers in carnal ecstasy as pain masochistically coincides with the crescendo of the hunt. Mouths wrap themselves around an exposed paw as the animal tumbles in defeat – one limb liquefied, absorbed and savored from the hip still in motion. The prey turns to ravage the repulsive accumulation of an experiment gone wrong, and to some more invested, an experiment gone right. The prey snarls and screams, gums deteriorating with every attempt to free its dismembered torso from the thousands of quivering mouths, sucking the warm mass, instantaneously digesting it. From the moment the prey’s heart no longer beats and its neck no longer turns to save itself, the thrill is over and the meal becomes dessert. The brain with the texture of a mushroom, squishy and warm, seasoned by life’s homeostatic perfection is savored in orgasmic slow motion: ecstasy.