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Ilaya Bourim – log.sys

The following log file was found as part of the research into the causes of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster. This research was initiated once the KGB archives were open for public access 25 years post disaster. The origins of this file are currently unknown. The only thing that is stapled to the envelope is the standard KGB recovery form stating that the contents were recovered in the “Red Forest” near the disaster site. There is some information about the media serial number, but apart from that there is nothing much. The contents of the printout are interesting. There are also two partly melted memory chips in a pink anti-static bag.

– Ilya Bourim (April 5, 2011)


April 29. 19XX 6:00: Sounds from alarms. Light from window. Ceiling. Wall. Door. Face. Many faces. Truck. Work.

Work is:

1. Pick up debris

2. Load debris with shovel into carts.

April 30. 19XX 6:00: I am awake. I lay on a low wooden table covered with white cloth. I get up. The table resembles a bed. There are hundreds of tables in all directions.

May 01. 19XX 6:00: I am awake. I get up. I get into the queue to put on clothes. The person I am following has severe damage to the skin on the left side of the back. The structure is exposed. The wires intertwine with muscle tissue. Traces of blood soaked fabric are burned into the skin on the edges of hole. It seems like my body makes all the decisions: it lines up for the clothing line. It puts on the biosuit. I watch my hands clothe me. It goes into another line, this time I am going outside. My legs step firmly on to the ground.  […. a large part of the file is missing]

November 08. 19XX 6:00 Yesterday I realized that radiation is what gives me strength. Caretakers have other needs. But for us, radiation from Cesium-137 is energy. I need to get as much as I can.  [Data corrupted]

March 21. 19XX 6:00 Something is happening to my skin. I got a large burn on the side of my leg. The interior structure begins to show. The metal parts inside look fine, but the flesh of my muscles seems to be deteriorating. The flesh seems to be separating and top layers are peeling away. The parts where the wires connect are especially affected. It looks like the metallic parts started to oxidize near the places where they touch the muscle tissue. I am in line for the work clothes, but it looks like the clothes they are giving us are still dirty from yesterday. Something must have happened at the cleaning module.  Maybe they won’t notice my burns.  Going back to the forest to clean up the remaining radioactive debris, but today the personnel carrier didn’t come. I start to walk towards the Red forest. I don’t know how to get there, but my body knows. My steps are firm and I keep moving. I can hear their muffled steps. There is no path; we just follow our internal compass. When we get to the burned forest, we can’t see any tools so we start digging with our hands. The more we dig, the stronger we feel. Radiation is all around us. We try to take down a contaminated tree, but it is very difficult without tools. Our hands are not designed to break wood. I start to peel away at the layers of the skin of the tree; my own skinbegins to come off. My body cannot stop. The tree looks to be very old – but maybe when I get to the core, I can topple it easier.  It’s getting dark.  I am still unable to find the core of the tree. The metal endings of my fingers are gone, parts of my arms, screws and rivets are scattered on the ground. I now have more power then when I started, but my body is much weaker. I cannot stop, my body must work. The contaminated tree is still standing; all the others are still working around our sector. Some are digging trying to bury the nuclear fuel in the ground. Others, like me are trying to cut the trees. Without tools, we haven’t gone far. Everyone looks like they have also been losing parts. But our bodies are telling us to keep working. [Error: buffer full]

March 22. 19XX 6:00 The flesh begins to tear off. There is no blood anymore. It looks like the trees don’t have cores. They are all skin. I have been working on this tree all night and it looks like I am finally close. My arms are 15% operational. My feet are 80% operational. My body is destroying itself, but I cannot stop it. Only caretakers could stop it.