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Jacob Aboudou – When Time Becomes Organic

The rhythmic thump is quiet.  Its more like the pitter patter of a light drizzle on the roof of your hover car.  Its continuity determined by the energy in movement; each twitch and shiver from its host offer a stay from forced hibernation.  I have lived with ‘it’ or one like ‘it’ embedded in my arm since I was a child.  My mother insisted I have one installed, it was the best way to keep your kids safe in those days.  The symbiote I had was durable and capable, it was my friend and guide, keeping me on my course through the turmoil of youth.  The frailty of this arrangement was not concealed, as a symbiotic relationship it has developed over thousands of years, nurturing a mutually beneficial existence for both organisms. With each new generation we have grown together.  The increasing need for the observance of time has yielded a new type of bond between human and escapement.

I have just recently had my third one implanted.  It takes a few days to get used to, it itches and binds, it grabs on to things, finding new ways to impede life.  It isn’t until the first week that parasite becomes symbiote, binding two alien organisms to each other.  This is a unique arrangement, like many other symbiotic existences, ours, offers us a mastery over the observance of linear time.  Unlike the timepieces of old, our newfound connection ties us directly to each other. Our warmth is shared, and hardships endured, together, as one.

Upon closer inspection, it appears safe.  The simple features of its face offer little insight into its inner workings and internal processes.  It frequently stares back offering no pittance for whatever misunderstanding occurred due to its’ being misread.  Most of them have been bred to have similar features, they can smile or change color based on mood.  Or the fancier breeds have transparent shells, iridescent like so many June bugs.  Having evolved dependent on a host for mobility, they rarely have legs, and if they do, they’re usually vestigial.  I have heard stories of humans and their steroid pumped and over worked escapements, being literally overwhelmed by time, crushed by its weight.  Its true that they keep time at its proper pace.  If one isn’t careful its easy to get swept away by time.  Tumbling uselessly against the onslaught of time unable to keep their heads above the current many die.

This is the reason, I have been embedded for so many years, I fear what many take for granted, to be swept away by time.  It has grown wild in these later years, after the last Chrono War, we have a new appreciation for time.  There have been storms and tumults that have shaken our world to its core.  We only have so much time here on this planet, we must depend on our watches to remind us of how much time we have spent and how much we should hope to have left.