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Phillip Ramirez – BAPA Mystique

On the south side of Brooklyn Bridge, in the Fort Greene neighborhood stands a robust building of a peculiar silhouette. Its exterior, ominous intimidates outsiders and draws occupants to its deep mass. BAPA has never been passive in the way most buildings are. Upon entering through its stochastic horoughfares the building becomes animated. Taking over the inhabitant’s emotions and controls their physical abilities. Swooning them in a ceremonial performance, its participants mainly students and often patrons, become paralyzed in the syncopated ensemble that make up its dozens of cavities, holes. Cavities where individuals and groups practice and hone their craft for theater, music, and dance. Each theater operates autonomously but in sync.

Strange, oversized openings flank the lobby spaces, which in turn surround each of the three theaters that are stacked and staggered onto one another and separated. In–‐between the theaters, an interval is created where the academy occupies and the ceremony takes place and within those intervals numerous more within.

BAPA’s mystique lies not inits  loneliness or coldness but in its uncertainty. The uncertainty of place harbors excitement among its participants and horror for outsiders. It’s participants offer themselves to the buildings mass and matter. That mass is generated through its twisting and torqueing and penetrating figures. The participants reciprocate the performance. Captivated by its external austerity and internal sublime mass, occupying results in an architectural realm of the senses. The deeper space exhausts occupants through wrapping, folding and enveloping tighter and tighter to an overwhelming crescendo.

The building then begins to move however it is unclear if this is reality or a dream sequence but that doesn’t matter. And in its movement BAPA has deafened occupants causing convulsions. Its stochastic movement is mirrored in the occupants and patrons view the performance through networks of syncopated openings from within. Shards of metal and concrete debris are suspended in air.