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About The Science Fictional Grotesque

The Science Fictional Grotesque

SCI-Arc Instructor – Claire Phillips

Spring Semester 2011 – Student Works

In response to readings and film ranging from 19th century gothic horror to 80s body horror and present day “new weird”, students are asked to perform a number of short informal exercises and longer formal works. For the first formal writing assignment students are asked to create a work in which a “grotesque object” gives rise in some way to a “grotesque interval,” a gap in perception shared by the object and the perceiver. For the second, students are then evaluated on their use of an experimental writing strategy.  This might include non-linear narrative, pastiche, substitution, formal constraints, or any number of poetic devices. For this writing assignment students translate the inorganic — a rendering, model or work of architecture — into the organic. In order to qualify as grotesque, formal boundaries and categories are to blurred or infected. A special emphasis is placed on excess.

Blog Coordinator – Julian Brummitt

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